My name is Billy. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. I have a degree in BSc Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyles and am fiercely passionate about all things health and fitness


Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle can often feel challenging to fit in around people’s busy schedules. If this feels familiar, you’ve come to the right place! 


I am especially passionate about leading a healthy, balanced life and encouraging others around me to do the same, whether I’m motivating my clients mid burpee or I’m encouraging my nephew to finish his veggies! 


Inspiring others to make the changes they need to lead healthier lives in a way that is manageable and sustainable for them, is honestly one of my greatest joys. Sometimes all it takes is a little helping hand to reach your full potential, let's start this exciting journey, shall we?


Book a session today with Billy's Fitness to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. 

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